About Me

Hi, I’m Breon. I’m a software engineer with a passion for data science and visualisation.

Welcome to my profile website! Here you can find some projects I’ve done and ones I’m currently working on.

Personal Projects

Lucent Renderer


My hobby rendering engine built using C++ and the Vulkan graphics API. Integrates many state-of-the-art techniques in realtime computer graphics including:

Also features a hardware abstraction layer which can smoothly facilitate additional graphics APIs in the future, along with a custom built entity component system for the scene representation.

Working on this project taught me invaluable skills in GPU programming, performance and debugging.


Bust Hall Robot

Game Jam Entries

Below are multiple 48h-72h game jam entries I collaborated remotely with a friend to build. They are each programmed in C# using Unity.

For playable versions, see https://doxume.itch.io/

A game jam entry we created for the 72h ScoreSpace Jam #14 with theme “Merging” and optional challenge “Time trial”. We built a top-down spaceship shooter where you shoot to meld as many other ships onto you as possible within a given time, growing your firepower as you do.

Displays a persistent leaderboard ingame by connecting to Microsoft’s PlayFab API.

All assets (besides the music) were created during the Jam.

Forgetful Farkle

Our entry to the 72h Indie Tales Jam with theme “One Room”. We created a top-down wave clear game which uses the room as a constraint. You unlock tetris-like tiles after each wave which you place down to grant buffs and damage enemies.

Merry Malfunction

A game jam entry to the 48h Yogscast Game Jam (2019) with the theme “Giving”. We created an infinite side-scrolling game in Unity where you run, dodge and duck under obstacles. The level backgrounds are generated at runtime along with a random sequence of obstacles which scale with difficulty as the game progresses.


A wave-based tower defense game I created in a team of two for a university project. Involved creating custom shaders, integrating the navmesh system and designing UI. We gathered user feedback during development to gauge the intuitiveness of the controls, UI and overall gameplay feel and adjusted them accordingly.

COMP30019 Project 2